Documentaries provided by Musee de Venoge

Documentaries provided by Musee de Venoge

Documentaries provided by Musee de Venoge
  • August Afternoon

    The year was 1839. America was expanding westward. In the small town of Vevay, Indiana, Jacob and Charlotte Weaver were about to make a life changing decision. Unbeknownst to them on the same day many of their fellow citizens were doing the same. August Afternoon tells the story of that day.

  • Between the Lines

    1 season

    "Between the Lines" is an in-depth look at the letters of Jacob Weaver. A resident of Ulster County New York, Weaver and his family emigrated to Indiana Territory in 1813. For 47 years his letters described life in his new home. Are their contents truthful depictions or fanciful embellishments...

  • You Ate What?

    4 items

    We hope you are working up a hearty appetite. Venoge has a new series entitled “You ate what?” Featuring Mrs. Weaver and Mrs. Willyard, our new videos explore early recipes you never knew. Don’t let the titles fool you. These are delicious. As a bonus, each episode will contain an easter e...

  • Herbs and the Healing Arts

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    Gardener spare that weed!  Join Mrs. Weaver and Mrs. Willyard in their series "Herbs and
    the Healing Arts." Discover things growing in your garden and lawn which have been used over
    the centuries as cures. And you thought they were just weeds! Who needs those over-the-
    counter remedies. Try some ...

  • Cooking in Quick Time

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    Mrs. Weaver and Mrs. Willyard serve up another heaping helping of gastronomical goodness! This time film magic cuts the time in half. Here's a little appetizer. Bon Appetit.

  • Making Cider at Musee de Venoge

    It’s a pressing matter, if you are an apple! But if you are not, you can still enjoy this wonderful video on making fresh apple cider at Musee de Venoge. Your host, Mike McHugh, demonstrates cider making on a press he restored. Learn the terminology and some secrets.

  • The Hunters of Kentucky

    Andrew Jackson's decisive American victory over the British at the Battle of New Orleans is the stuff of legend. Fought at the end of the War of 1812 stories, movies and even songs have been written about it. The most popular tune was written in 1821. It lionized the Kentucky long rifle and the m...