Cooking in Quick Time

Cooking in Quick Time

Mrs. Weaver and Mrs. Willyard serve up another heaping helping of gastronomical goodness! This time film magic cuts the time in half. Here's a little appetizer. Bon Appetit.

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Cooking in Quick Time
  • To Fricassee Eggs

    Eggs! How can I prepare thee? Let us count the ways by starting with a delicious recipe from 1824. Mrs. Weaver shows you how to cook eggs in a way you may not have thought possible. One thing is for sure, these Fricassee Eggs are delightful.

  • Boiled Baby - Historic Recipe

  • Baking Bread with Wild Yeast

    Ever heard “it’s the greatest invention since sliced bread”? Well, they have never had a made from scratch, wood-fired, oven baked, loaf of fresh bread, with a special ingredient: wild yeast! We “knead” you to “rise” to the occasion and watch. Imagining the delightful aroma is up to you.