You Ate What?

You Ate What?

We hope you are working up a hearty appetite. Venoge has a new series entitled “You ate what?” Featuring Mrs. Weaver and Mrs. Willyard, our new videos explore early recipes you never knew. Don’t let the titles fool you. These are delicious. As a bonus, each episode will contain an easter egg of outtakes.

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You Ate What?
  • Calf's Foot Jelly - Weird Historic Recipes

    We're the cooking show which asks aloud what you are thinking: "You ate what?" To start things off right we serve the dessert course first! Episode 1 features boots on the ground, or should we say hooves?

  • Fish Pudding - You Ate What?

    Something smells fishy...but tastes delicious. Episode 2 of "You ate what" does some deep sea fishing for a delicious meal. Don't forget, the blooper at the end of the episode.

  • Stewed Cheese - You Ate What: Episode 3

    Before there was fondue there was 'stewed cheese'. Episode 3 features a recipe from "The Art of Cookery Made Easy and Refined" by Jon Mollard, published in 1802. Be sure to stay to the end. Two bonus bloopers are included!

  • Hashed Beef Cheeks

    Mrs. Weaver and Mrs. Willyard have been busy in the kitchen. A new episode of You Ate What?” is now ready for serving! You’ll be smacking your lips with just a pinch of these cheeks between your teeth and tongue.

    Cheeks Hashed Kentucky Housewife 1839
    After boiling them tender, mince t...

  • Roasted Green Goose

    Mrs. Weaver and Mrs. Willyard celebrate the season! This delightful dish, complete with outtakes, makes you wish Christmas was every day of the year. As Tiny Tim observed "Peace on earth. And speaking of peace, hand me another piece of that goose!" Brandy sold separately.

  • Brides Pie

    Like a marriage, this recipe takes seemingly disparate ingredients and blends them together in a beautiful harmony of deliciousness. Holding it all together is a secret ingredient. Throw some rice and grab a slice. Bride's Pie is being served! Many thanks to our 'Stunt Crust'.