Between the Lines

Between the Lines

5 Episodes

"Between the Lines" is an in-depth look at the letters of Jacob Weaver. A resident of Ulster County New York, Weaver and his family emigrated to Indiana Territory in 1813. For 47 years his letters described life in his new home. Are their contents truthful depictions or fanciful embellishments? Find out as you read Between the Lines.

Between the Lines
  • An Awful Accident

    Episode 1

    In March of 1817 Jacob Weaver details a terrible accident which took place in Vevay, Indiana. Could the accident he describes actually have been murder? Using his actual letters and original source documents we compare what he wrote and to what actually happened. Come along with us and ponder the...

  • A Bullet in the Form of a Ladle

    Episode 2

    MOVE OVER NATTY BUMPPO! Meet the intrepid frontiersman of Switzerland County, Jacob Weaver. Episode two of our series “Between the Lines’ relates a story which must be a tall tale. Or is it? As Jacob would often say, a bullet in the hand is worth two in the ladle! Enjoy the background sound track...

  • She Went Mad

    Episode 3

    Up for some herbage and heavy metal? No, we don’t mean a rock concert. Episode 3 of ‘Between the Lines’ explores the medical treatments available to those who lived in early 19th century Indiana. The use of garden grown herbs and heavy metals like mercury and copper were standard treatments. Many...

  • One of the Rangers: Part 1

    Episode 4

    American history as you know it might have been changed by the actions of one man. “One of the Rangers” explores the waning days of the War of 1812 in the west. While rumors of peace with Britain were being circulated, in the Indiana Territory, things were different. Join us and our historians in...

  • One of the Rangers, Part 2

    Episode 5

    In the closing days of the War of 1812 a murder took place at Ft. Harrison, Indiana Territory. “An act so Atrocious” was about to unleash violence and retribution too horrible to be conceived. Did this murder deserve atonement and in what form could it be? Find out as we present part 2 of “One of...