Featured on HistoryFix!

Featured on HistoryFix!

Featured on HistoryFix!
  • Path of the Daff


    Amidst the darkness of the 2013 bombings, Boston rises like a phoenix from the ashes, as the city unites in hope and healing through the unlikely symbol of the Boston Marathon Daffodils. This emotional tale follows the journey of one small daffodil bulb, as it travels from the Netherlands, across...

  • Maine at Gettysburg

  • House of Thunder: The Forgotten Battle that Saved the West


    Even if you live in St. Louis, you’ve probably never heard of the Battle of St. Louis. And yet, some historians believe it was a critical inflection point in the American Revolutionary War, and helped save the American West. In this new documentary from HEC Films, the battle is brought to life, a...

  • The American Artist

    A century after his death, George Caleb Bingham’s work was not only rediscovered, it is celebrated as a national treasure. Produced by the Emmy Award-winning documentary team at Wide Awake Films in partnership with the Friends of Arrow Rock (Bingham’s hometown in Missouri), this hour long documen...

  • Intolerance - The Griffith/O'Grady Director's Cut

    Movie + 3 extras

    Intolerance: experience this timeless masterpiece as you’ve never seen it before. Film historian John O’Grady presents Intolerance the way DW Griffith intended, with scenes, clips and even individual frames re-introduced, letting you experience the film the way people saw Intolerance when it was ...

  • Battle at Shiloh: The Devil's Own Two Days

    Movie + 3 extras

    characters, based on real-life accounts, each filmed as documentary-style interviews.
    These stories reveal the dramatic and haunting effects of Shiloh, which resulted in almost 24,000 maimed, missing or dead; more casualties than in all previous American wars combined. The Battle of Shiloh marke...

  • Custer's Strategy of Defeat

    Movie + 1 extra

    On the morning of June 25, 1876, Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer made the fateful decision to attack a large Native American village camped on the banks of the Little Big Horn River. It was a decision that would cost him his life, the lives of 268 of his men, and over 60 Native America...

  • The Bach Bible

    A book so valuable it's personal location can't be shown. See the family bible owned by composer Johan Sebastian Bach, now part of the rare book collection at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis

  • Apollo Program

    1 season

  • Between the Lines

    1 season

    "Between the Lines" is an in-depth look at the letters of Jacob Weaver. A resident of Ulster County New York, Weaver and his family emigrated to Indiana Territory in 1813. For 47 years his letters described life in his new home. Are their contents truthful depictions or fanciful embellishments...

  • August Light: Wilson's Creek and the Battle for Missouri

    Movie + 7 extras

    The Battle of Wilson's Creek, the second major battle of the Civil War, marked the beginning of four years of invading armies and ruthless guerrilla warfare. Told through the experiences of civilians and soldiers, this film presents an unprecedented depiction of the clash between North and South ...

  • Reactionary


    Special Jury Award Winner at Action/Cut Film Competition 2011. Reactionary is a U.S. soldier story in Afghanistan starring Douglas Spain (Band of Brothers) as Private Gonzales working to extricate insurgents from a civilian town. He witnesses a deadly knee jerk reaction by a fellow soldier, Corpo...

  • Hold My Horse
    Movie + 3 extras

    Hold My Horse

    Movie + 3 extras

    Prone to dressing in civilian clothes when not on duty, Civil War General Israel Richardson decides to teach a lesson to an arrogant young lieutenant tasked with delivering him a message.

    The story is drawn from a diary left by Daniel Crotty, a Civil War veteran. Set in the spring of 1862, the ...

  • WW2 Veteran - SBD Dauntless Gunner Dick Miralles

    This is the story of SBD Dauntless Dive Bomber Gunner Dick Miralles and his incredible trip to fly again in his plane at the Commemorative Air Force Airbase Georgia.

  • Bad Blood - The Border War that Triggered the Civil War

    Movie + 2 extras

    Bad Blood is the story of an epic and influential time in our nation's history. In the years leading up to the Civil War, a bloody conflict between slaveholders and abolitionists focused the nation's eyes on the state of Missouri and the territory of Kansas. Told through the actual words of slave...

  • The Gettysburg Electric Map

    Get primed for the anniversary by watching The Gettysburg Electric Map like you’ve never seen it before. Photographs, graphics and combat action have been added to enhance the viewing experience.The original map was researched, designed and constructed in the late 1930s and featured electric ligh...