World War 2

World War 2

World War 2
  • The Best Nose Art of WW2 - Episode 1

    In this series Nose Art Stories (Episode 1), we will be looking at some of the best aircraft nose art from World War II and telling their incredible stories. In this first episode, we will cover "The Blond Angel", "Little Lady", "Big Dick", "In the Mood", and "Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby".

  • Battle of Milne Bay

    The Battle of Milne Bay (from August 25 through to September 7, 1942), was the defense of the eastern New Guinea by Australian and US forces against a Japanese invasion. It would become the first time that Japanese forces had been defeated on land, shattering the myth at the time of Japanese invi...

  • D-Day: Operation Overlord

    Take the 80th Anniversary trip into France as allied forces embark on the unprecedented invasion of Normandy, meticulously preparing with unparalleled precision, orchestrating a relentless air campaign to cripple enemy defenses, and grappling with the harrowing possibility of cancellation, forgin...