The Shenandoah Valley

  • "The Empty Sleeve" Ira Gardner of the 14th Maine Regiment

    This is the story of Ira Gardner of Patten, Maine. Ira fought in the 14th Maine Infantry Regiment until he was injured at the Third Battle of Winchester in the American Civil War. Special thanks to Peter Dalton and Nick Picerno for sharing this amazing story with us.

  • Jackson's Valley Campaign: Stonewall on the Loose

    Starting in early November, the rising star in the Confederacy, Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson was ordered to the Shenandoah Valley in order to protect in from Union occupation, steal attention of Union forces away from McClellan's Peninsula Campaign, and disrupt federal plans in the area. Startin...

  • Hunter's Raid: The Battle of Lynchburg

    Movie + 1 extra

    June, 1864. During the American Civil War, General David Hunter and his Army of 18,000 Union soldiers are ordered to capture Lynchburg, Virginia. If Hunter can seize this important Southern city, it might cripple the Confederacy permanently, and end the war. Defended only by old men and young boy...

  • Fridays at the Front - Shenandoah Valley Stories

    3 seasons

  • The 29th Maine Infantry at 3rd Winchester

    In July of 1861, soldiers in the 1st Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment were among the first men in Maine to enlist at the beginning of the Civil War. In September 1864, some of those same men, now in the 29th Maine, were fighting in Winchester, Virginia, at the battle that was the beginning of t...

  • What's In the Box?

    Will is joined by Nick Picerno, he is a collector and Chairman Emeritus of the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation, with a special item from his collection. Nick’s collection centers on the 1st – 10th – 29th Maine Regiment. Yes, that is correct, a regiment with three number designations! Do...

  • Hardee's Revised Stack Arms