New in May 2024

  • Abandoned Tunnels of Blauvelt Rifle Range

    Blauvelt State Park is surrounded by mysteries and legends. Horrible crimes have occurred here, and legends of evil cults and supernatural events have been told for decades. At the center of the park are a series of tunnels, which locals call the Tweed Tunnels, and Clausland Mountain Tunnels.

  • Education For Death 1943 - The Making of the Nazi

    Education for Death: The Making of the Nazi is a thought-provoking animated propaganda short film created by Walt Disney Productions, released on January 15, 1943, through RKO Radio Pictures.
    The storyline follows Hans, a young boy born and raised in Nazi Germany, his indoctrination into the Hit...

  • F-14 Tomcat in Vietnam

    The F-14 Tomcat is remembered for it's important Navy role during the 1980s and 1990s. However, few people are aware of the brief role it played in the Vietnam War. We look at Operation Frequent Wind, in which the F-14 served.

  • The Siege of Fort Pulaski

    Fort Pulaski was built as part of the Third System of Coastal Fortifications after the war of 1812. Construction of the Fort took place over many years between 1829 and 1847. The Fort stands on Cockspur Island, at the mouth of the Savannah River, and guards the city of Savannah from seaborn attac...

  • Lydie's Story - Battle of New Market Civilian Story

    Lydie Clinedinst lived in New Market during the Civil War. Like many others, she was drawn to the battlefield in the aftermath of the fight to help the wounded. Whom did she help and how did it change her life? “Fridays at the Front” is a collaboration between Civil War Digital Digest and the She...

  • Horehound Lozenges

    Respiratory ailments are raging again in the Ohio Valley. Never fear! Mrs. Weaver and Mrs. Willyard are coming to the rescue. This episode of “Herbs and the Healing Arts” contains a mystery. One of our Dynamic Herbal Duo is missing! Can this lozenge rescue not only our neighbors, but her?


  • Battle of Milne Bay

    The Battle of Milne Bay (from August 25 through to September 7, 1942), was the defense of the eastern New Guinea by Australian and US forces against a Japanese invasion. It would become the first time that Japanese forces had been defeated on land, shattering the myth at the time of Japanese invi...

  • Center Shot: Jacob Miller

    The Battle of Chickamauga was the second bloodiest battle of the Civil War. On the second day of the battle Private Jacob Miller was shot in the head near Brock Field.
    When Miller regained consciousness he discovered he was behind enemy lines. Miller was determined not to be taken prisoner and st...

  • Baking Bread with Wild Yeast

    Ever heard “it’s the greatest invention since sliced bread”? Well, they have never had a made from scratch, wood-fired, oven baked, loaf of fresh bread, with a special ingredient: wild yeast! We “knead” you to “rise” to the occasion and watch. Imagining the delightful aroma is up to you.

  • USAAF B-17s in Europe

    Detailed accounts using archival footage in remembering the B-17 and it's role in World War 2.