New in July 2024

  • Battle of Shiloh: Butcher's Bill on the Tennessee

    The Battle of Shiloh begins as General Albert Sidney Johnston's Army of Mississippi launches its general attack on Major General Ulysses S. Grant's Army of the Tennessee encamped along Pittsburg Landing. The first day of the battle turns into a bloodbath for both sides, as the Confederates take G...

  • Gettysburg: Around to the Right?

    The team at Mark's Game Room use on-site visits, expert guides, and a war game to explore what might have happened had one famous "What if" was tried. Check it out!

  • Searching for Captain Henry Fuller

  • 1923 Stutz Bearcat Roadster: America's First Sports Car

    The Stutz Bearcat, introduced in 1912, was perhaps America's first true sports car. Stutz individually tested each Bearcat at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and many were raced with great success. Stutz dropped the model in 1924 only to bring it back in 1931, hoping the beloved name might improve s...

  • The Whitworth Guns - British Tech at Gettysburg

    Some of the most cutting-edge military technology in the world was at Gettysburg - this is the story of the Whitworth guns at Gettysburg. Two original imported British Whitworth cannons stand on Oak Hill on the Gettysburg battlefield. Join historian Darrell Rivers as he discusses the cannons and ...

  • 1957 Hamilton Ventura Wristwatch

    The Henry Ford is pleased to present from our archives an unworn 1957 Hamilton Ventura wristwatch with its rare original gold leaf watch strap.
    Update: After further research, our experts have discovered that this watch is a hybrid between the Ventura and the Pacer. This watch was donated to us b...

  • Wade's Fancy Coffee