Design and Making

Design and Making

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Design and Making
  • Glass: Raw Material to Art

  • Studio Glass in America

    Trace the innovation story of Studio Glass from its founding in 1962 to the present by examining selected artists and their contributions. Modern studio glass—a blend of art, science, and technological innovation—embraces the notion of glass as a medium for creative expression, in contrast to it...

  • Circa 1900 Tiffany Studios Floor Lamp

    One of America’s most renowned artists, Louis Comfort Tiffany worked in nearly all of the media available to artists and designers in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries—glass, ceramic, metalwork, jewelry, and painting. Tiffany’s technical brilliance in a wide variety of media enabl...

  • Behind the Scenes Conservation of Our Circa 1900 Tiffany Floor Lamp

    In preparing for the "Louis Comfort Tiffany: Treasures from the Driehaus Collection" exhibit, The Henry Ford’s curatorial department expressed interest in displaying a Tiffany Studios early floor lamp, circa 1900, from the collections. This lamp features a telescopic shaft and a dual wick kerose...

  • Recreation of an 1800s Historic Ice Skating Dress

    Watch as The Henry Ford's team of talented Clothing and Textile Experts recreate a historic 1800's ice skaters dress from our archives. Meet the artists and see how the details come back to life as history moves from the archive to the skating rink.

  • How an 1803 Jacquard Loom Led to Computer Technology

    Joseph Marie-Jacquard developed the mechanical Jacquard loom in France in 1803. This innovative machine used punch cards to control the design of textiles made on the loom. These cards are predecessors to the modern-day computer punch cards and computer technology.

  • Alexander Girard: Mid 20th-Century Modern Textiles

    Alexander Girard, renowned mid-20th century architect and designer, used color and pattern joyfully and unselfconsciously in an era of muted minimalism. As the head of Herman Miller’s textile division from 1952 until 1973, he designed over 300 textiles – many which feature surprising color combin...

  • Greenfield Village Restoration: 20 Years Later